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About Jen

Botanica_AboutPhotoJenFirst things first: Thanks for visiting my blog! I am thrilled that you’ve stopped by. Secondly: keep coming back! This is where I’ll post some of my recent work, as well as stuff from my every day life. So hopefully, each time you return, there will be more to see! Here are some things you should know:

  • I am married to the funniest man on the planet. Seriously. Life with him is never boring.
  • We welcomed a sweet baby boy into our family last year, Riggins Everett. We are constantly entertained.
  • We love what we do. JD works for an organization called Young Life so we spend a lot of our time with high school kids and our college leaders.
  • After 5 great years in Oklahoma, we moved to Austin, TX last summer! We’re from Texas originally, so it feels good to be home.
  • Jesus has blessed our lives beyond what we deserve. We’re just trying to figure out how to follow Him.
  • I love to laugh. I do it a lot. And I’d love to invite you into that as well. Taking pictures with the one you love should be a life-giving experience.
My favorite couples are the ones who are more excited about their marriage than their wedding. A bride who might love the details and the planning, but she finds herself most excited to be making a life-long commitment to the man she loves. She delights in the quiet moments and looks they’ll exchange on their wedding day, laughing together, and isn’t shy about cozying up to her groom for pictures at dusk. My favorite clients and I end up being friends in real life, and when that happens, it makes photographing their wedding even more special.

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